Chinatown Dragon Sculpture in Toronto

Chinatown Dragon Sculpture in Toronto

We found this Chinatown dragon sculpture in Toronto during our recent visit. I was pretty amazed at the size of Toronto’s Chinatown. It may be the biggest one I have experienced in North America. And that includes quite a bit of time sent in New York and San Francisco.

In the background is the CN Tower. The whole thing feels like a scene form a Godzilla movie.


Chinatown, Toronto known also as West Chinatown or Downtown Chinatown is a Chinese neighbourhood located in the city of Toronto’s downtown centred at the intersections of Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street, West. It is one of Toronto’s many Chinatowns and was formed in the 1950s-1960s when businesses and residents moved from the location of Toronto’s First Chinatown due its expropriation in the late 1950s to build the new Toronto City Hall and its civic square, Nathan Phillips Square.

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